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HID Recycling

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By using Senergy Green Technologies’ innovative recycling services we have been able to save companies literally thousands of dollars in lighting retrofit project costs.

Senergy’s HID recycling services are a simple and winning proposition, which have allowed us to remove the expense of recycling the existing HID light fixtures from your lighting project.

The program offered is a no-risk opportunity as there are zero costs to the fixture owner. Fixture owners benefit greatly as the services not only remove a liable expense from your project, but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Senergy creates beneficial impacts to each and every participant utilizing their services. In addition to the light fixture owner removing waste liability, the partnership with Senergy reduces energy usage and landfill waste in the environment.

Senergy coordinates the pickup, transport and recycling of HID or lighting equipment after retrofit project installation. A strategic partnership with one of the nation’s largest carriers allows for an efficient transition of materials from your dock to Senergy’s facility.

Senergy’s services will allow you to promote your efforts in making both environmentally and financially sound decisions.

Please note, Focus on Energy trade allies who can satisfy all of the requirements listed in this document can be located at Focus on Energy Trade Allies

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